9 March 2018
Landscape News Editor

Through grassroots “A Tree for Sam and Sally” Mavis Siame encourages reforestation

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, 2018, Landscapes News is publishing a series of stories honoring women with a laurel for their dedication to improving the landscape. In this profile, Sopani Muzumara of Umodzi Network writes about Mavis Siame. Check Viewpoint for more laurel recipients.

Mavis Siame is an active environmentalist with a passion for the future.

She came up with the idea for a tree planting project called “A Tree for Sam and Sally.” This project aims to raise awareness and promote the culture of planting trees for future generations.

Through the project, which started in Lusaka, Zambia, people are encouraged to plant trees and post their pictures on Facebook.

A Tree for Sam and Sally is an environmental organization promoting volunteerism and engaging different people from different places to restore nature, one tree at a time

Each person who plants a tree is expected to continue to update the Facebook community with the progress of the growth of their tree.

This activity ecourages a sense of responsibility in people to take care of their tree.

The planting of trees is part of the awareness program to inculcate a mindset of taking care of the environment for our children.

Cheers to the women who are taking action by reducing deforestation and climate change, especially in Zambia, a country with a high deforestation rate.

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Honor your “Landscape Laurel” on International Women’s Day 2018



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