Ancient Woodlands and Trees: A Guide for Landscape Planners and Forest Managers

New book on the 'common heritage of mankind'

Ancient woodlands in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Alexander Buck, IUFRO
20 November 2018
Landscape News Editor

By Gerda Wolfrum, International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)

Ancient woodlands, trees and forests are at the very core of many global landscapes. However, understanding the resource which these living landscapes provide requires genuinely multi-disciplinary research.

Consequently, the book Ancient Woodlands and Trees: A Guide for Landscape Planners and Forest Managers, which was recently published as IUFRO World Series 37, has gathered contributions by leading experts in ecology, history, heritage and management of ancient trees, ancient woodlands and forests. Taking trees, woods and forests as eco-cultural resources, the authors explore ecology and nature, history, tradition and heritage, and the evidence base of archaeology, literature and archives.

Ancient woodlands and trees have long been and will remain important elements of our cultural landscapes as a living archaeology and often relics of former land-use and distinctive countryside. These ancient woodlands and trees, widely considered as the ‘common heritage of mankind,’ have been some of the most typical components of diverse landscapes over hundreds and even thousands of years. Furthermore, the woods, trees and forests reflect the close contact between mankind and nature and, in some cases, connect to specific historic events or people.

The production of a major review volume that brings together key researchers and writers from across Europe and beyond is immensely valuable to landscape planners, forest and woodland managers, and a wider audience such as policy makers and educators too. It also contributes to international efforts toward identifying, recording and developing globally important agricultural heritage systems.

Overall, given the urgent need to discover, understand, conserve and – where necessary – restore ancient woodlands and trees, it is hoped that this publication provides a modest step to raise awareness and enthusiasm

IUFRO World Series Vol. 37 – Ancient Woodlands and Trees: A Guide for Landscape Planners and Forest Managers
Alper H. Çolak, Simay Kırca & Ian D. Rotherham (eds.), 2018.

IUFRO World Series Volume 37. Vienna. 272 p.
ISBN 978-3-902762-91-7
ISSN 1016-3263

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) is the only world-wide organization devoted to forest research and related sciences. Its members are research institutions, universities, and individual scientists as well as decision-making authorities and other stakeholders with a focus on forests and trees. 

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