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‘Global village’ might not be such a cliché
15 Dec 2015

Local practices with the commons offer lessons for collectively managing “global commons” such as oceans and...

Complexity of landscapes offers a way forward for climate policy, say experts at GLF 2015
10 Dec 2015

A holistic approach to sustainable land use adds an extra and important dimension to the global climate policy being sha...

Global Landscapes Forum: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala puts spotlight on investment needed for sustainable land use
6 Dec 2015

With land use and livelihoods receiving unprecedented attention at the UNFCCC COP21 in Paris, proponents of an integrate...

Investment in Landscapes — Need for new approaches
7 Jul 2015

The Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case, held in London on June 10th, drew together the diverse worlds of finan...

Carbon or biodiversity conservation? You can’t have the best of both worlds
3 Jul 2015

When trying to protect carbon stocks and biodiversity, the expression “to kill two birds with one stone” seems hardl...