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Forest guardians and nature’s nurseries on Mount Kenya
19 Jul 2021

Paul Gacheru shares how the forested foothills of his childhood are being restored to health – with farmers and famili...

Tea and empathy
5 Jul 2021

Youth conservationist Fabiana Benítez tells how one rainforest is being restored – through tea

A look at how invasive plant species hinder ecosystem restoration
26 May 2021

Two invasive plants are posing problems in Nairobi National Park and Baringo Lake areas

“We must invest in nature”: Prince Charles on the circular bioeconomy
23 Mar 2021

Read Prince Charles's opening statement to the CIFOR-ICRAF digital forum on transitioning to a circular bioeconomy

“I believe optimism and hope are essential”
9 Feb 2021

A Q&A between CIFOR head Robert Nasi and the public on restoration, biodiversity and more

‘Crop Science’ special issue shows why crops need to get wild
19 Jan 2021

When the growing gets tough, the tough get pre-breeding

Green recovery pledges and notorious absences dominate UN Biodiversity Summit
1 Oct 2020

Bolsonaro decries “absurd international rules,” says Brazil will continue exploiting the Amazon

Dispelling the top seven tree planting misconceptions
23 Sep 2020

Scientists to speak at tree planting forum

Why global food systems should resemble those of the Indigenous Peoples
13 Aug 2020

Lessons for more resilient and sustainable food systems

“I tell the story of the heroic and suspenseful work that goes into the doing of science.”
29 Jul 2020

Author David Quammen on why science writing matters for planetary health

How to feed a growing global population in the midst of a climate crisis
16 Jul 2020

The answer lies in two places: genetic diversity and agroecology

Increasing protected areas could yield USD 250 billion in economic output
16 Jul 2020

Report finds economic benefits of expanding protected areas outweigh costs 5-to-1

‘Let the forest come back’
13 Jul 2020

A poem by Donatella Gasparro

Are chocolates forever?
4 Jun 2020

For World Environment Day, a story of biodiversity and globalization in the ancient Asante Kingdom of Ghana

Kenya’s mountain treasures
20 May 2020

Protecting shrinking forests with ancient knowledge