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Untangling terminology: the importance of equity for REDD+
26 Jan 2016

Equity is a broad term, and can sound like a tall order to fill for initiatives seeking to help communities mitigate and...

Agroforestry: An invisible giant holds the key to landscape restoration
25 Jan 2016

“…the capabilities and knowledge of locals is a fundamental part of any landscape restoration initiative, and must b...

Paradigm shift needed to protect the commons, say experts
23 Jan 2016

The concept of the commons is both old and new, pervasive and endangered, effective at restoring landscapes and under th...

What’s in a word? The debate over defining landscapes
22 Jan 2016

In the launchpad of the Global Landscapes Forum in Paris, held alongside the UNFCCC COP 21, Seth Shames, Director of the...

Reflection: Conservation is not just for tree huggers
21 Jan 2016

Seven billion people live on the planet. As populations grow our increasing need for food, goods, and services leads to ...

Launching REDD+ against a ticking clock
21 Jan 2016

At the UNFCCC COP 21 climate talks held in Paris in December 2015, it was announced that Germany, Norway, and the United...

Climate smart means women
18 Jan 2016

Increasingly, it is becoming difficult to discuss agriculture and development projects without discussing the inclusion ...

Follow ten young landscape innovators – from challenge to pitch
12 Jan 2016

This film follows a group of ten youth innovators, mentored by Dr Alan Nicol from the International Water Management In...

Forestry finance must be complemented by progress on transparent, traceable supply chains, experts advise
9 Jan 2016

Progress made towards creating sustainable practices around palm oil production won’t succeed without efforts in paral...

Land tenure is not only a means, but its own end in REDD+
1 Jan 2016

The performance of the REDD+ program, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, has been put under t...

The $30 billion question: Can the private sector help prevent future haze?
29 Dec 2015

$30 billion dollars. That is the total negative economic impact of this year’s forest fires in Indonesia. These co...

Spacing out: Data for informed deforestation strategies and policies
26 Dec 2015

“It takes just one road to destroy a forest.” David Cooper, Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Several multi-l...

5 billion dollars on forests; but will it be spent wisely?
25 Dec 2015

In Paris I bought an apple for 50 cents. I paid both for the apple and the chain of actions that brought it to me; the g...

A real-life crystal-ball: Exploring the policies needed for 2050
24 Dec 2015

Predicting the future isn’t easy, just ask the makers of Back to the Future II. Their leftfield vision of 2015 from th...

‪From Mayombe to the Amazon: Saving the ecosystem and fighting poverty must go hand in hand
23 Dec 2015

‪At the heart of the landscape approach is the idea that everything is connected. Natural resources, biodiversity, eco...