Mayumi Sato


Mayumi Sato is a junior journalist and researcher based in the UK. She has several years of experience working with climate-vulnerable and conflict-affected groups in the field, including Syrian refugees in Canada, Indigenous hill tribes in Thailand, trafficked fishermen from Indonesia, and timber processing SMEs in Lao PDR. She has also been involved in Ministerial-level climate policy discussions on reforestation, illegal logging, and gender and social inclusion in NDCs. She is interested in translating research to actionable policy and outcomes, and has conducted research on FLEGT VPAs, racial injustices in carceral institutions, and older people's rights in low and middle-income countries, for which she has been awarded and featured by the UN, Ministries of Environment, and National Geographic, among others. She is currently a PhD student in Sociology as a Gates Cambridge Scholar at the University of Cambridge.

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