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How do you stop the desert? Niger may have the answer
9 Oct 2017

Niger is a surprising success story in Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) “I flew from Ethiopia, and you can see i...

Niger hosts AFR100, paves a way forward for implementing Forest and Landscape Restoration on the ground
9 Oct 2017

Africa’s degraded landscapes may have a greener future Niamey is a city of warm hues: red, cracked, sandy soils ar...

Why restoration, why Africa, why now?
30 Sep 2017

How reforestation and afforestation can serve people and climate By Monica Evans This article is a part of the Global La...

Two years underway, AFR100 is seeing change
26 Sep 2017

With its second annual conference upcoming, the ambitious African Forest Landscape Initiative has already begun to chang...

Are laws and policies the key to fighting fire and haze?
23 Sep 2017

A Global Landscapes Forum National Policy Dialogue in Indonesia attempts to answer just that By Lynsey Grosfield “...

Making peat a priority
20 Sep 2017

Peatlands in the spotlight at the IUFRO Congress in Germany By Suzanna Dayne, originally published on Forests News This ...

Forests versus hurricanes
18 Sep 2017

How trees may be a first defense in the battle against disaster By Douglas Sheil, originally posted on Forests News Th...

Landscape approaches have potential but can do better in reporting, practice
14 Aug 2017

Review of almost 17,000 documents finds holes in the literature on both successes and failures By Bill Hinchberger, orig...

Post-event follow-up: Peatlands matter, but what are we actually doing about fire and haze?
31 Jul 2017

In the Autumn of 2015, a thick yellow toxic haze — the likes of which had never been seen before — fell over Kalima...

Landscape restoration in Ethiopia brings watershed to life
8 Jul 2017

Photo by Cathy Watson/ICRAF Ethiopia is suffering from severe drought. But there is water in Gergera. Twenty years of re...

Planning for a sustainable energy future: Energy sprawl solutions
30 Jun 2017

Following the Paris Agreement, 140 nations have volunteered plans to reduce their carbon emissions—most of which inclu...

Sustainable farming in the ‘Valley of Death’
25 Jun 2017

For cocoa farmers in the forested region of San Martin, Peru, adapting to new, sustainable farming methods may mean pass...

Wildfire prevention and risk reduction for children’s health and wellbeing
15 Jun 2017

Large-scale conversion of natural peatland and forests to croplands on the islands Sumatra, Borneo (Kalimantan) and Papu...

Peatlands: The view from space
14 Jun 2017

How satellites can help map and monitor critical peat landscapes

Can finance save the forest?
12 Jun 2017

Agriculture is currently the main driver of forest loss in the tropics. If current farming patterns continue, the future...