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How COVID sparked an urban farming boom in India
9 Sep 2023

Gardens are sprouting across India’s cities. What comes next?

Blue carbon emerges as a small but growing source of climate finance
27 Jun 2023

Could carbon credits bring money to the aquatic habitats that need it most?

Storytelling competition showcases Africa through the eyes of artists
20 Oct 2022

The winners of the GLF Africa storytelling competition tell stories of resilience, hardship and determination

GLF Africa 2022 by the numbers
16 Sep 2022

An overview of the Global Landscapes Forum's 2022 digital conference on Africa

“Africa is full of stories”
16 Sep 2022

The most powerful statements from GLF Africa 2022

A look behind the lens of the GLF Africa 2022 photo competition winners
8 Aug 2022

Every picture has a story. From Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, here are three

The world’s top 10 “carbon bombs” and what they mean for climate change
27 Jul 2022

“Carbon bombs” could push carbon emissions to exceed the global climate budget – twice

Sadhguru speaks: The intersection of life and soil
15 Jun 2022

An interview with the spiritual leader on restoring the universe beneath our feet

Oysters were harvested sustainably for thousands of years by Indigenous peoples, study finds
3 Jun 2022

Could traditional knowledge hold the answers for future oyster fishery management?

What is black carbon, and what does it mean for climate change?
2 Jun 2022

This common pollutant leaves a mark wherever it is found, from the poles to your lungs

What is the state of the world’s forests? Could be better, and even help the economy
2 May 2022

Anticipated report explains how trees could spearhead economic recovery and sustainable growth

East Africa’s drought is set to be the worst in recent history. Here’s an overview
21 Apr 2022

Worsening climate extremes and conflict are brewing a humanitarian crisis as the world looks on

“It’s now or never”: Latest IPCC report demands urgent climate action
5 Apr 2022

Climate success is possible – but only by cutting emissions in all sectors right now

Groundwater: a global resource with immense promise – if protected
21 Mar 2022

A new report shows the potential of groundwater to relieve water stress