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European Investment Bank tackling climate change worldwide
16 Mar 2016

“I have been able to buy clothes, feed and educate my kids. I have I have even started building an extension to my...

Moving past “zombie statistics” for gender-equitable tenure
29 Jan 2016

Pop quiz: how much land in developing countries do women own? A: Less than one per cent B: Two to five per cent C: Ten p...

Landscape restoration could be a cash cow for finance
28 Jan 2016

Each year, services provided by nature accumulate value in the trillions of dollars. Yet, many investors still tend to f...

Threat or opportunity? Transforming the wood energy sector
27 Jan 2016

Wood energy is critical for many communities in Sub-Saharan Africa as a way to cook food, clean water, and produce and s...

Real-time data could be game-changer in fight for food security
24 Jan 2016

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion. With population and income growth driving food deman...

Put the people on the map: Crowd sourced data in Indonesia’s forests
21 Jan 2016

New participatory data collection and mapping efforts are changing how indigenous and local communities are empowered to...

Landscape restoration, a bankable promise?
15 Jan 2016

As purpose driven companies continue to gain a strong footing in the global business environment, the demand for effecti...

Your favorite presentations 2015
10 Jan 2016

Speakers prepared more than 80 presentations for the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum. Here are the top 5, based on online v...

Stories from the landscape – watch GLF’s most dynamic presentations
27 Dec 2015

During the Global Landscapes Forum’s first Pecha Kucha Style Night, seven presenters took the stage to share their sto...

Your favorite blog stories 2015
23 Dec 2015

More than 150 organizations joined forces for the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum – not only for the days of the even...

Your favorite Forum videos 2015
23 Dec 2015

The 2015 Global Landscapes Forum brought together more than 250 speakers in 40+ sessions. Only two weeks after the event...

“Tree of life” wins GLF 2015 photo competition audience award
15 Dec 2015

With more than 4095 votes, the photo Tree of life by Jaya Setiawan Gulo is the audience choice in the 2015 Global Lands...

Perspectives from 2015 Global Landscapes Forum
14 Dec 2015

Over 100 organizations contributed to the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum, hosting discussions and press launches, presenti...

Australia, Indonesia and Costa Rica establish International Partnership for Blue Carbon at 2015 Global Landscapes Forum
11 Dec 2015

At the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum in Paris, Australia launched a new International Partnership for Blue Carbon, accor...

How green are bamboo products? INBAR presents new report
10 Dec 2015

A new report released on 9 December at the COP21 Paris Climate Conference, presents a scientifically validated process t...