David Charles


David Charles is a freelance writer most often found in the United Kingdom (winter) or on the saddle of his bicycle (summer). Topics of particular interest include refugees, slow travel and trees. David is also co-writer of BBC Radio sitcom Foiled. You can read more at davidcharles.info

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Introducing GLFx: the activist network for restoring landscapes
10 May 2021

Around the world, local GLFx chapters are popping up of people dedicated to making their landscapes more sustainable. Me...

“We feel the government is missing an opportunity”
10 May 2021

Chapter Profile: GLFx Nairobi

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10 May 2021

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“There’s so much need for restoration”
10 May 2021

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13 Apr 2021

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Can cryptocurrencies help the planet?
23 Mar 2021

Short answer: yes – by changing wealth distribution, reversing inequalities and countering ecological degradation

Can cryptocurrency be climate conscious?
22 Mar 2021

Short answer: yes, but not Bitcoin

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2 Mar 2021

What could wartime levels of emergency funding buy us in the fight against global warming?

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27 Oct 2020

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How digital dynamism can transform post-COVID food systems
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How to survive the Anthropocene
21 Apr 2020

A trial in re-learning how to live off the Earth

Into the great unknown of terrestrial dark matter: fungi
20 Apr 2020

What answers might lie in the 94 percent of fungi species yet unearthed

In Ghana, reasons for updating – not outlawing – controlled burning
22 Oct 2019

Responsible use of fire to clear land incentivizes farmers keep forests intact