GLF–Luxembourg Finance for Nature by the numbers

A rundown of the 6th GLF Investment Case Symposium

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28 March 2023
Eden Flaherty
28 March 2023
Eden Flaherty

Earlier this month, the GLF hosted its 6th Investment Case Symposium, titled GLF–Luxembourg Finance for Nature: What comes next? Taking place in Luxembourg and online, the event brought together over 4,500 participants and more than 100 speakers from around the world for a day packed with plenaries, networking, expert sessions and more, which are broken down by the numbers below.

To read some of the most inspiring insights and statements from speakers at the event, here is a selection of notable quotes. Or, read an overview of the key outcomes here.


There were 4,657 participants online and in person from 162 countries. The top 10 countries by number of participants were:

  1. India   
  2. Kenya 
  3. Indonesia       
  4. Nigeria
  5. Pakistan          
  6. Philippines     
  7. Germany        
  8. Luxembourg   
  9. United Kingdom         
  10. Bangladesh    

Looking at attendees, 43 percent identified as female while 52 percent identified as male. Meanwhile, there was an almost 50/50 split between male and female speakers (53 and 52 respectively).

One of the major themes at the 6th GLF Investment Case Symposium was the coordination of private and public organizations, which was reflected in the summit’s participants, who represented:

  • Private sector
  • Civil society organization/NGO
  • Youth/Students
  • Academia
  • Government
  • Research
  • Financial institution
  • IGO (Intergovernmental Organizations)
  • Accredited press


The 6th GLF Investment Case Symposium featured 37 sessions held throughout the day, with:

  • 3 plenaries
  • 11 expert sessions
  • 19 Inspiration Hub talks
  • 2 special announcements
  • 2 networking sessions

This was in addition to 23 booths that connected participants and organizations throughout GLF–Luxembourg Finance for Nature.

GLF–Luxembourg Finance for Nature by the numbers
GLF–Luxembourg Finance for Nature 2023. Luc Deflorenne/GLF, Flickr


The 6th GLF Investment Case Symposium reached far beyond the participants and speakers in Luxembourg and online, with:

  • A social media reach of 12.6 million
  • More than 44.4 million impressions
  • More than 321,000 engagements
  • 4,135 new followers

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