You Can Find Me In Nature

A poem by Rosanna ‘Rosie’ McLean

Rosie reciting her poem at the Greenpop Reforest Fest. Photo by Schalk Hanekom
12 July 2022
Landscape News Editor
12 July 2022
Landscape News Editor
Rosanna’s full poetry set at the GLFx Cape Town Speaker Stage at Greenpop’s Reforest Fest

When I meet the unknown existence that everyone longs to understand,

I’ll raise my hands and praise this land where hidden memories lie.

I’ll smile at fate while I wait 

to see what’s been patient all my life.

I give myself, not to an intangible man – who many wish to meet – 

but to another, to a mother, 

who has made my life so sweet.

Because I know what passion flows through my veins for this mother’s gifts.

Such heart clenching, and soul drenching love comes through her kiss.

I will dissolve into the mountains, 

the fiery skies, charismatic rocks.

The trees will sneeze and shower you with leaves that hold my love.

If you should need me, just believe me, I’ll be all around.

And if you can’t see me, then look more clearly, I’ll be screaming to be found.

I give myself to mother nature, as she gives her thrill to me.

And as I join the joyful birds, I’ll leave in ecstasy.

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