A Maasai mother on the needs of rural pastoralist women

Founder of the Sang'ida Foundation stresses need for finance and equity

Women of a Maasai community in Kenya, where rights for women enshrined national legislation are often not recognized at the community level. Jess and Kate, Flickr
15 November 2021
15 November 2021

Hardships facing women living in rural landscapes on the frontlines of climate change are already numerous enough. Rural women provide about 40 percent of the agricultural labor in developing countries yet face starkly unequal rights to land, finance and decision-making. Add in children with disabilities, and a whole new host of health, mental health and marital hardships arise.

At COP26, Jacinta Silakan, who founded the Sang’ida Foundation after raising a disabled son to support rural pastoralist women facing such challenges, gave insight into what’s needed most for these mothers: finance, recognition and equity.

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