GLF Amazonia: the Amazon through the eyes of its young people

Meet the winners of the digital conference’s youth storytelling competition

Children of the Sao Felix community in the Brazilian Amazon. Neil Palmer, CIAT
14 October 2021
Lily Hess
14 October 2021
Lily Hess

The Amazon is a muse of an ecosystem, serving as inspiration for countless films, documentaries, works of literature and other forms of art. But the rainforest is often represented through the lens of outsiders rather than that of those who call the biome home, despite how important its inhabitants’ perspective is to securing its survival in the future.

On 21 to 23 September, the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) hosted a youth storytelling competition that celebrated young filmmakers and artists from the Amazon region. The competition took place alongside the digital conference GLF Amazonia: The Tipping Point in collaboration with the Youth in Landscapes Initiative, with three winners selected for their films featuring traditional knowledge, crafts and stories. Here they are.

First place

Ribaldo Piaguaje, Ecuador

Nekëtoña is a traditional Amazonian medicine used to treat skin diseases.
Ñumi and Kujima’ña are Amazonian plants used to protect against bad energy and spirits.
Ñakoa is a traditional Amazonian medicine used to treat skin diseases.

Second Place

Mery Nube Utitiaj Nunink, Ecuador

A project aims to promote the practical use of tsapa.

Third Place

Luis Carlos Ramos Gomez, Colombia

“La Isla de la Fantasía” by Inshiridos del Amazonas

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