24 NOV 2020

How can we make environmental education accessible?

GLF Live with Camille Sylvester

Knowledge is power, and equipping young activists and citizens with an understanding of the problems facing the environment is key to supporting their fight for and right to a better, safer future. How can we create accessible educational programs that encourage and support young people in becoming planetary citizens and stewards of nature? 

In a youth-led GLF Live, Camille Sylvester from Roots & Shoots – the program founded three decades ago by Dr. Jane Goodall – shares her perspective on developing projects that nurture young people’s interest and actions for building a better world.

Camille (Cami) Sylvester is a junior at UC Berkeley, studying molecular environmental biology with an emphasis in animal behavior. She has been involved with Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program since 2015 and has served on the National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) for four years, where she is part of a team of youth leaders who plan community-based projects, mentor Roots & Shoots members and represent the youth voices of the Jane Goodall Institute

Growing up, Cami loved to spend time outdoors and became interested in environmental conservation. After founding her Roots & Shoots group in high school, she led projects including community clean-ups, educational environmental seminars and the establishment of campus gardens, creating a strong network of people passionate about environmental issues and developing strong leadership skills.

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