Best of Landscape News 2019: Lifestyle

Our pick of this year’s top stories

Brands like Adidas are in the process making their supply change circular and sustainable. Evelynn LA GEN2 Receival, Adidas
16 December 2019
Ming Chun Tang
16 December 2019
Ming Chun Tang

Whether it’s the swimwear we buy, the way we travel or the stories we tell, our lifestyle choices can make a small but crucial difference in the face of runaway climate change and biodiversity loss. Artists, musicians, publishers and even grocery stores are rejecting a culture driven by materialistic values and instead drawing attention to the pressing issues facing humanity today. As we look back at a year marked by a new wave of climate activism and awareness, here are the top Landscape News reads on lifestyle and culture from 2019.

How to wash your clothes

A short explainer on how to reduce the environmental impact of your laundry.

Best of Landscape News 2019: Lifestyle
Albert, Flickr

What revolutionizing values could mean for capitalism – and the planet

Psychologist Tim Kasser explains how to build a healthier and more sustainable world by replacing materialistic values with intrinsic ones.

Tim Kasser's video "The High Price of Materialism"
New Dream

Survival stories: How do we write our own?

Public awareness of climate change has never been higher – but could storytelling be key to inspiring greater action?

Roman mosaic of a Greek philosopher
Holly Hayes, Flickr

To raise sustainability in Bali, it takes a village

In conversation with the creative director of a new sustainable lifestyle resort on the popular Indonesian island.

Best of Landscape News 2019: Lifestyle
Potato Head

Sustainable sneakers to reduce your ecological footprint

Fish leather, carbon offsets and tree-planting initiatives are seeing these five sustainable sneakers brands help wearers tread more lightly on the planet.

Best of Landscape News 2019: Lifestyle
Courtesy of Adidas

Climate art fills Venice’s waters with a red alert

Artist Melissa McGill uses traditional sailboats to speak on climate change, water health and the importance of history to the sinking city’s future.

The Red Regatta sails through Venice's lagoon. Courtesy of Melissa McGill
Courtesy of Melissa McGill

How lab-made fashion is changing landscapes

From handbags made out of mushrooms to polyester made from recycled water bottles, discover some of the latest innovations in sustainable fashion.

Best of Landscape News 2019: Lifestyle
Bolt Threads

A street art mural helps restore one of the dirtiest waterways in U.S. history

In New York City’s Newtown Creek, the return of biodiversity after a century of toxic waters inspires a new street art mural from a duo of Brooklyn artists.

Along New York City's Newtown Creek, a new mural depicts the endemic wildlife returning to the restored ecosystem. Gabrielle Lipton, GLF
Gabrielle Lipton, GLF

15 ways to use behavioral science in sustainability

Behavioral science leaders Rare on how to appeal to personal values and emotions, overcome cognitive biases and promote norms that benefit society and the planet.

Best of Landscape News 2019: Lifestyle
Todd Lappin, Flickr

This is my brain on forest bathing

Landscape News editor Gabrielle Lipton recounts an immersive bath in the temperate forests of Germany’s Rhineland.

Best of Landscape News 2019: Lifestyle
Gabrielle Lipton, GLF

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