Sustainable finance veteran Mark Burrows on the responsibility of banks

The investment banker presents a new concept for green bonds and more

Mark Burrows speaks at the Global Landscapes Forum New York. Justin K. Davey, GLF
18 October 2019

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With some 40 years of experience in investment banking and almost 20 in sustainable finance, Mark Burrows is a leading voice for channeling private capital into efforts to restore the Earth. His track record on leading the expansion of green finance speaks for itself: after a long career with the likes of ING Barings, Lazard and Credit Suisse, he’s now a top advocate for green bonds as well as a senior advisor to UN Environment, Macquarie and the Green Finance Initiative.

Bridging the gap between the finance and climate sectors is a recurring theme across Burrows’ work – but he believes the two are inevitably converging. “Banks are now becoming more responsible,” he says. “CEOs will all say to you that doing ‘green’ is the right thing to do.”

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