Mirova’s CEO on how the Great Recession helped grow green finance

Philippe Zaouati on investing in a better world

Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova, speaks at the Global Landscapes Forum New York. Justin K. Davey, GLF
17 October 2019

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When the global financial crisis hit just over a decade ago, it triggered an awakening in Philippe Zaouati, CEO of asset management firm Mirova: the work he had been doing for the 20 years prior had perhaps been a part of what led to the Great Recession. “How can I reconcile what I really think – which is that finance should be investing in a better world – and the work that I’m doing?” he recalls asking himself.

And thus Mirova was born, which integrates social and environmental impacts into investments. Ultimately, it aims to transform finance for the common good. “If we move away from short-termism and understand that shareholder value is only a myth, then finance could be a very powerful tool to meet our challenges,” says Zaouati.

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