Germany’s take on the global bioeconomy, from definition to dandelion

Basing economic growth in biomass and research

Biomass from plants such as dandelion flowers are increasingly being used in consumer goods. Robban Kanto, Flickr
25 October 2018

Since 2011, Germany has been pouring more than two billion euros into research on which to base its bioeconomy, which is regarded as the strongest bioeconomy in Europe and a core component of the country’s overall economy – one of the strongest in the world.

At a recent panel on the global bioeconomy held in Bonn, Germany, Landscape Voices spoke with Dr. Tilman Schachtsiek, a specialist in the bioeconomy and material biomass utilization at the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Here, he shares on the state of Europe’s bioeconomy as a whole, Germany’s role within it, and a unique success story of turning flowers into biomass-based consumer goods.

To learn more on this topic, read full coverage here: Making forests the focus of global bioeconomies.

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