Your favorite presentations 2015

Global Landscapes Forum
10 January 2016

Speakers prepared more than 80 presentations for the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum. Here are the top 5, based on online views and downloads.

5. CIFOR’s REDD+ research

[slideshare id=55888179&doc=louisverchot-151207104922-lva1-app6892]


4. Climate change and land rights of indigenous peoples

[slideshare id=55888881&doc=andreacarmen-151207111153-lva1-app6891]


3. The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity for agriculture and food

[slideshare id=56160002&doc=theeconomicsofecosystemsandbiodiversityforagricultureandfood-151215111946]


2. Governance, rights and the role of politics in REDD+ equity discourses

[slideshare id=56159795&doc=governancerightsandtheroleofpoliticsinreddequitydiscourses-151215111259]


1. The Peru Cocoa Alliance: 28,000ha of fine and flavor cocoa under agroforestry systems

[slideshare id=55894438&doc=joseiturrios-151207140438-lva1-app6891]