15 October 2015
Global Landscapes Forum

Online seminar on Landscape Democracy: register now

MYscape – YOURscape – OURscape: exploring the relationship of landscape and democracy

Register now to be part of the Online Seminar on Landscape Democracy 2015.

The European Landscape Convention asks its signatory parties “to establish procedures for the participation of the general public, local and regional authorities, and other parties with an interest in the definition and implementation of ….landscape policies”. Thus, the floor is open for democratic landscapes. But what does this imply for the planning and designing of landscapes?

In the seminar, the course will explore this emerging topic from the following perspectives:

  1. Building a common ground: What do we mean by democracy? How does democracy relate to landscape?
  2. Understanding the consequences of democratic landscapes: What does this imply for planning and design?
  3. Learning how to act: Which methods and tools are at hand?
  4. Talk to practitioners: What is going on?
  5. Talk to researchers: Where are we now and where to go from here?

This seminar is addressed to anyone with interest in making landscape policy and practice more democratic. We invite students and professionals from the planning disciplines to learn jointly about this emerging professional and academic field. Neighbouring disciplines are explicitly invited to attend as the subject calls for a multi-disciplinary approach.

For more details about the seminar, visit the website here. Registration is open until 25 October.