4 March 2015

CALL FOR PAPERS on Shifting global development discourses: Implications for forests and livelihoods

Originally published at IUFRO

Sustainable development objectives and discourse have dominated environmental and development policies and practice for the past three decades. During the last decade new narratives have emerged within these discourses with catchphrases like: “Green Economy”, “Inclusive Green Growth”, “Low Carbon Development”, “Climate-Smart Agriculture” and “Sustainable Intensification”.

There is no universal consensus about the meaning of these concepts; instead they are interpreted in different ways by different actors and in various contexts. The myriad of understandings of e.g. “low carbon development”, “green growth” and “green economy” cover a spectrum from narrow concerns about climate change and clean energy supply at one extreme to calls for more extensive transformative change in the global economic system for more efficient resource use at the other, which also calls for more sustainable and inclusive commodity supply with improved equity in benefit sharing.

Although their scope and horizon vary and are still unknown, these narratives suggest new rationalities and approaches to sustainable development.

This call invites authors to concentrate on the role of forests in these narratives, related strategies, agendas and practice and corresponding implications for forests and livelihoods. The concept note includes guiding research questions and practical information about this call, including the time schedule.