28 November 2014

UN-REDD training material on REDD+ available online

 A boon for capacity building on REDD+: 13 expert presentations on REDD+ have come out of the first REDD+ Academy session for the Asia-Pacific region, hosted by the Government of Indonesia in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Starting with an introduction to REDD+ the presentations also cover topics such as safeguards, monitoring systems and governance (see below). The is now available online on the UN-REDD website.

According to UN-REDD, the REDD+ Academy is made up of a series of technical REDD+ courses and was developed by UN-REDD Programme experts and Yale University. It provides participants with a comprehensive and hands-on understanding of both what REDD+ is and what it means for national development.

The past session in Indonesia brought together members of the Indonesian Parliament, environmental journalists, and REDD+ future leaders and practitioners from the 16 UN-REDD partner countries across the region. The next REDD+ Academy sessions are envisaged for Nigeria and Argentina in 2015.

The training material can be downloaded as PDF file from the links below: